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Du "Cubisme"

and other related texts.


Some time ago I prepared a new translation of Du "Cubisme" with related texts for the publishing house Artists Bookworks. In the event the project fell through, partly because we were beaten to the finishing post by the very impressive Cubism Reader by Mark Antliff and Patricia Leighten which included both a new translation of Du "Cubisme" and of nearly all the contemporary essays produced by Gleizes and Metzinger. However I still consider much of the material prepared for our own project to be valuable. I am therefore proposing to upload it bit by bit here, prioritising material that is not included in the Antliff/Leighten book, notably later material by both Gleizes and Metzinger looking back on this period, such as Gleizes's Souvenirs - le Cubisme (published posthumously) and La Peinture moderne (1917) and Metzinger's Le Cubisme était né  (published posthumously). Some of the texts that were to be included - Gleizes'sThe Epic (1929 - the historical section of the book published in German by the Bauhaus as Kubismus) and the little anthology Gleizes on Picasso and Braque can already be found in theTexts by Gleizes section of this website.

The proposed book had something of a tormented history and readers who have some experience of preparing books for publication will see that I have not attempted to finalise the presentation. Titles of books and paintings for example may sometimes be given in French and sometimes in English. Where I quote from original texts I have usually given my own unpublished translations though the notes may refer to other published translations, notably those in the Cubism Reader.

Introductory essay: On "Cubism" in Context.

Albert Gleizes: Souvenirs: Le Cubisme