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Form and History

'Form and History' is the title of a book by the French Cubist painter, Albert Gleizes. The intention of this site is to encourage interest in principles of construction in art, arguing with Gleizes that what characterises a distinctively religious art is not the subject matter but the quality of contemplation which, whether there is a subject or not, or whatever the subject is, is reflected in the essentially non-representational organisation of lines and colours.

The site is being maintained in conjunction with the 'Painting and its Laws' series published by Francis Boutle publishers.


Albert Gleizes and his School - a selection of articles, documentary material and photographs of works.


An experiment in iconography: An attempt to use Albert Gleizes' 'translation-rotation' schema as the basis for the construction of traditional icon-design.

Karyl Knee: The dynamic symmetry proportional system is found in some Byzantine and Russian icons of the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries Analysis of a number of icons together with a general introduction to the school of Jay Hambidge and the principles of 'dynamic symmetry'. Includes bibliography and general chronology.

An exhibition of work by Peter Brooke and other artists associated with the school of Albert Gleizes, Oxford, 8-27 February 2010