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Fondation Albert Gleizes. Founded under the terms of Mme Gleizes' will to preserve Gleizes' legacy. Has organised a number of important exhibitions and published the great catalogue raisonné of his work.


Association des Amis de Jean Chevalier. Jean Chevalier, a painter based in Lyon, was perhaps Gleizes' closest collaborator during and after the Second World War.


History of Moly Sabata, from a site specialising in the history of Sablons, the town in the Rhone valley where Moly Sabata was situated.


Peter Brooke: Albert Gleizes - For and Against the Twentieth century, Yale University Press, 2001, available at Amazon


Albert Gleizes: Art and Religion, Art and Science, Art and production and Painting and its Laws, English translations by Peter Brooke, available at Francis Boutle Publishers (consult Book List - Painting and its Laws)