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Works by Gleizes and other artists inspired by his example - first wall


Henri GIRIAT: Sing Along!
Watercolour on paper, 2009, 7.5"x5"



Jean CHEVALIER [Sketch for a Tableau-objet]
Gouache on card, nd (probably before 1953), 4"x7"


Albert GLEIZES: Untitled (related to 'Esprit de Finesse' from the Pensées de Pascal)
Ink on tracing paper, c1949, CR 2354, 3.25"x5.5"


Mainie JELLETT: [Composition with five elements]
Watercolour, c1929, 10.5"x8.5"


Walter FIRPO: Orange Dress
Oil paint on card, nd, 5.5"x8.5"