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Project for the realisation of the windows of the Cathedral of Nevers

In addition to his work as a sculptor and painter, René Dürrbach had realised in the 1970s a complete scheme of stained glass windows for the basilica in Charleville Mézières (inaugurated in 1981). The cartoons given here were realised in response to a government competition to replace the windows in the thirteenth/fourteenth century Cathedral of St Cyr, Nevers, heavily damaged by an allied bombing attack in July 1944. They were done in watercolour on brown paper to the scale of the windows, each of them 6 to 7 metres in height. They were shown in an exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Dijon in 1987. In the event Dürrbach refused to participate in a proposal which would have divided the work between several artists, insisting that his project formed a coherent whole which could not be broken up.

I am gateful to Dr Max Célérier, President of the Association des Cahiers de Bourgogne for sending me these photographs.