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Brecon Political and Theological Discussion Group


The 'War against terrorism' declared by the government of the United States is likely to last for several years at least. 'War', acording to Clausewitz's well known adage ' is the continuation of politics by other means.' It is an extreme form of politics in which the participants claim a right to kill (and on occasion a willingness to be killed). It therefore poses 'ultimate' questions as to the meaning and value of human life. It passes into the realm of theology.

By 'theology' is meant here the overall values that structure our thinking and our lives. For the purpose of this proposed discussion group, the word does not necessarily imply belief in God. However, the lines of division between different peoples in conflict in the world today are very often religious in nature. The old right/left division has faded and religious divisions have reasserted themselves as the means by which different political comunities are defined. No-one, believer or unbeliever, can doubt the importance of religion in the world today.

The Brecon Political and Theological Discussion Group is open to all who are seriously interested in the world they are living in, whatever their own political or religious views. No assumptions are made as to personal convictions. There is, for example, no question of common acts of prayer. At each meeting, one of the members or an invited speaker gives a talk on a particular political problem (often in international affairs) or theological idea. This is then discussed fully and freely with room for every possible angle and every possible opinion. There is no assumption that agreement has to be reached at the end of the meeting and, whatever initiatives individuals might decide to take, the group itself is not expected to engage in any common action.