Brecon Political and Theological Discussion Group

[Note: this group is now meeting very infrequently but the website is being maintained as an archive of records of previous discussions]


The Brecon Political and Theological Discussion Group was formed in July 2004. It aims to organise informal discussions on a wide variety of topics, open to all points of view. A statement of aims may be viewed here. The group may be contacted here. Comments on all aspects of the material presented on this website will be especially welcome.


Programmes (these links also provide material relating to talks already given):

Apr-July, 2008
includes material on What is Christianity for?
Jan-Mar, 2008
includes material on reading the Bible and Israel/Palestine
Oct-Dec, 2007
From February 2007
includes material on the hydrogen fuel cell car, the history of postcolonial Burma, the politics of Hizbullah in the Lebanon, the differences between the Sunni and Shiat tendencies in Islam, a glimpse of the rock hewn churches in Tigray (Ethiopia).
From July, 2006
includes material on the role of militias in Iraq, account of some days spent with the Abu Nidal group in Lebanon, Darfur, the future of the Labour Party, the politics of energy.
Jan-June, 2006
includes material on the art of Eric Gill, a disillusioned view of India, social effects of mining on the American continent, Serb cinema, poverty and capitalism, death squads in Iraq, astrology, the need for a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Britain's role in the Second World War, scientific method and liberal values
Sept-December, 2005
includes material on the nature of 'Spirituality', a defence of atheism, the Orthodox Church, Britain's role in the First World War, politics and homosexuality, the illustrations to the Spanish 'Beatus' commentary on the Apocalypse, Afghanistan under the Taliban
Jan-June, 2005
includes material on the nature of sin, Islam and the Algerian revolution, the practice of non-violent politics, the nature of money, the Politics of Education, a defence of astrology, Lebanon and Syria, small commodity production in India, the renewal of the Hebrew language, the trial of Slobodan Milosevic
July-December, 2004
includes material on Islam and Politics, the Iraqi economy, Venezuela, basic Christianity, the nature of dictatorship, history of Ireland, the overthrow of President Allende in Chile


Pamphlets Usually based on talks given to the group.