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Brecon Political and Theological Discussion group programme

Jan-May, 2005

All meetings in the Three Horseshoes Inn, Llanfaes, at 7.30 p.m., unless otherwise stated

Jan 13 Peter Brooke: Notes towards a definition of sin

Jan 27 Hugh Roberts, author of The Battlefield - Algeria 1988-2002: The relevance of Algeria: revolutionary Muslim nationalism and the question of Islam today
Feb 8 (Tuesday) Sophie Reynolds: Theological and political consistency - the redemptive power of non-violence.

Feb 24 John Rogers: Faith in Money: The what, why and how of money, with a few diversions into faith, morals, usury and complementary currencies
March 9 (Wednesday) Ian Milton: Brainwash - The Politics of Education in Bishop Bevan Hall, Brecon

March 24 Sid Jefferies: Does God Exist ? A surprising scientific and historical affirmation. With some revelations on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the origins of Christianity. A discussion of the ideas behind his richly illustrated new book, 'Heaven on Earth,' which can be seen online at
April 7 M. Abdul Latif: Lebanon - another 'Velvet Revolution'? Some political and historical background

April 22 (Friday): Barbara Harriss (Oxford Univ): Small is persistent - why? The fate of small commodity production in India.
May 5 Hazel Sherman: Trinitarian faith? Some political implications

May 19 Ronald Watts: The land problem in Zimbabwe
June 2 Tim Saunders: The renewal of the Hebrew language, with some notes on its implications for other languages said to be dead.
June 16 Peter Brooke: The trial of Slobodan Milosevic