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Notes towards a Definition of Sin: substance of talk


Some related material

Alexander Kalomiros: The River of Fire - An Orthodox Christian reply to the questions: (1) Is God really good? (2) Did God create hell?

John S.Romanides: Original Sin according to St Paul - "For St. Paul, there is now no such thing as a natural world with an inherent system of moral laws, because all of creation has been subjected to the vanity and evil power of Satan, who is ruling by the powers of death and corruption." Note that this is a direct link to the website of the late Professor Romanides. To return to Brecondiscussion use the 'back' button.


Other relevant essays by Peter Brooke

On the Nature of Sin (2002) Sin understood as intrinsic to fallen human nature inseparable from our enagagement with 'the world'. An argument in favour of Orthodox monasticism.

Evil as 'revelation' (2003) Atrocity seen not as an occasional aberration but as intrinsic to our political life.

The Juggernaut - reflections on British identity (1999) Why being British is a disgrace.