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 Max Fuller


Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Venezuela


This talk was given on the 5th August 2004, shortly before the referendum on President Chavez' presidency held on the 15th August. The following is a selection of documents Max circulated beforehand as background to the discussion:


1. BBC timeline, June 2004

2. Ousted Chavez detained by army, April 13, 2002

3. Racist rage of the Caracas elite, December 10, 2002

4. Venezuela's slum army takes over, August 10, 2003

5. Leftwing dictator or saviour of the poor: Chávez faces new challenge to his rule, May 25, 2004

6. Court-Packing Law Threatens Venezuelan Democracy, July 7, 2004

7. Buzz Words and Venezuela, July 1, 2004