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Robin Baldwin was born in Lumsden, New Zealand, in 1957. He came to Wales in 2002 with his wife Donna as a large animal vet, a work which gave him a privileged contact with the farming population in the Brecon area. A restructuring he disliked led him to leave the practise, voluntarily, in 2010. He has been writing poetry since 2006. His poetry is intimately related to the practice of yoga which has helped him deal with personal difficulties he had during his life in New Zealand, largely to do with physical health. It is a poetry of breaking through difficulties, radiantly. He is very prolific - this is only a small sample of what there is. I feel hugely privileged that he has allowed me to put this selection on my website.



At The Sound Of The Bowl
Cleaning a chakra
Cooky's Egg
A droplet
Epynt's Silent Natural Wonder
Great Art (a manifesto for Robin's poetry)
Iver's Chair
Just Imagine
These Leaves that fall in the Light - to Sheila Hancock
Melt down
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Spindrift (To the memory of Anne Frank)
Suzanne Verdal McCallister
The butterfly
The boy in the pram
The Pot of Gold, you know
This Umbrella
Westwood sunrise