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From this hill I sit and
Watch the motion
From this hill I sit and
Watch the calm
As the sound of the sea it comes
Short and long to nothing
And the smell,
Salt of course,

Of the slightest rise and fall
Oil slick pastel
And I daren't forget the shag
That has no shadow, that flies
True and low
To the sharpest outlined island, green

Before sunrise the sea is a silver
Mirror calm
With just a glimmer of light
Slight contrast to dips and lips
To waft yet by silent stillness

As in reflection, I, in wait for this
Moment of glory, to acknowledge
The rise from sea, approach of sprinkled light
And boy! To recognise how fast
This disc it comes

It should be warm
But before heat, earth first cools
To the gaze of timeless span of ripples
And while this earth rotates its way
What do I think when I get up to stand?
Who am I, in thought,
When I get up to walk away?