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Works by artists other than Gleizes

by Anne Dangar (1887-1951)
Australian painter. Came to Moly Sabata in 1930 and took up pottery, working in the craft potteries that were still in existence in the region (the Rhone Valley round Serrieres/Sablons). A French website specialising in Moly Sabata and its impact on the region can be found here. A beautifully illustrated book on Anne Dangar has been published by the Australian historian Bruce Adams.
by Mainie Jellett (1897-1944)
Irish painter. Together with her friend, Evie Hone, began working with Gleizes in 1921-2. They were his first pupils. See the bibliography for the major study by Bruce Arnold.
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by Robert Pouyaud (1901-1970)
Painter and sculptor. Started working with Gleizes in 1924. Was the first to live in the artists' community Gleizes founded at Moly Sabata.
by René Dürrbach (1910-1999)
René Durrbach lived for many years in Gleizes' house in Cavalaire, working in his studio which had been designed for him by Emmanuel Gondouin. Dürrbach was a sculptor as well as a painter, and was the husband of the weaver Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach, known for her tapestries based on Picasso's Guernica and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.
Project for the windows of the cathedral of St Cyr, Nevers
by Genevieve Dalban (1926-2002)
Potter. Met Anne Dangar in 1949 and worked with the weaver, Lucie Deveyle (1908-1956) at Moly Sabata. Subsequently established her own kiln at Ampuis, near Vienne in the Rhone valley.
Plate: La Femme de l'Apocalypse, c1980
Plate, c1983
Cake dish, c1983
Plate, c1997
La Grange, Ampuis, 2001
by Aguilberte Dalban (b1965)
Potter. Daughter of Genevieve Dalban.
Glazed earth plate, c38cm diam, c2000
Three Saucers, c15cm diam, c1988-9
Bowl, c1997
Bowl, c1997
by Walter Firpo (c1900-2000) [added September 2009]
Painter. A maverick figure among the group round Gleizes, Firpo never practised the Gleizes 'mode opératoire' rigorously but was greatly influenced by it. He held a joint exhibition with Gleizes in 1929 but was particularly close to him in the post war period. He introduced me to the school and these examples of his work are from my own collection.
by Peter Brooke (b1948)
Painter. Responsible for this website. I spent some ten years in France from 1987 with Genevieve Dalban in Ampuis and the publisher, Henri Viaud, in the Alpes de Haute Provence. I published the book Albert Gleizes - For and Against the Twentieth Century
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