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(a manifesto for Robin's poetry)


Great art is about stillness of mind and observances in the concentrated
Moment to encounter the serendipity of 'the spontaneous'
Great art is about courage of patience and to have the constitution to stay
There, and just to see what happens, in the un-predetermined
Great art is about never being disappointed but to realize the experience
As being just that
Great art is about the first flicker, or smallest flicker of light that captures in the field
Of peripheral vision, for then, it brings insight, perception, and intuition.
Great art gives light to everything, even the seemingly mundane, of what is taken for granted, for this is where the totality of life really lies; in light of the mundane.
Great art is about light reflection, of light itself. Like soul on soul.
And then, there is nothing else, except to breathe and resolve.
Great art takes one to the centre of one's 'Being'
Great art is to observe to see something in everything;
All else is just opinion on object, to satisfy the reality of unreality.
Great art is about dissolving the self conscious, and removal of boundaries of Man's conditioned past;
Great art is not about Human, it is about Being
Great art is the reality. Everything else is just mental illusion
Great art is about trusting ones own judgement, of discernment and discretion.
Great art is about going one's own way.
Everything is inspiration for I have no judgement
I just wait, and look to see is happening.
Don't be fooled, there is an exponential difference between look and see
Then ' the awakened'. For one is of mind the other is of reality.

My inspiration comes from all and everything that others would perceive as
Being mundane; as habitual;
I see in the present, but also, I see it as 'the glory'
I see all as what we are here for;
As Man's complete story and through the centuries and millennia
It has been told over and over
Yet still Man is no further; as it still remains difficult for Man to have a conversation
About the things that concern us both,
There still remains much apprehension to discuss and partake in the things that
really matter. Man is self conscious, that is the dilemma.


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