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Swept clean
But dust will always remain
To settle,
Over and over again,
Then in Epynt shine,
Awe struck enlightened beams
That span
Far longer than this tethered broom
Far longer than this life time.
For this unconscious continuous flow
It can never be stemmed
Or switched off
No matter how hard Man hinders,
No matter how much Man attempts
For it is written in its destiny
As the Epynt still watches and stays
So free.
In shift of light mysterious
Beneath the smouldered cinders
While Afon Cilieni washes
And sings in faultless meander
Its waters to bathe its Being
In Epynt's silent natural wonder,
To soak and sink far deeper;
For return it will,
That! I am sure,
As this Epynt will be,
This spiritual place once more.


NOTE BY PETER. Robin lives in an old farmhouse overlooking the Epynt. For those who don't know this part of the world, the Epynt is a stunningly beautiful part of Wild Wales, just above Sennybridge in the Brecon Beacons National Park. During the war the people living there were cleared off to make way for an army training ground. What had then been announced as a temporary measure has now become permanent. To quote a BBC article (2nd October 2002) announcing an expansion of training facilities in Dering Lines in Brecon, 'almost one third of a million soldiers already come to the Brecon Beacons to train on the Epynt ranges above Sennybridge.'


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